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Here at ECO-Renovation, We use our knowledge, experience and skills to create a healthier and more sustainable environment to live in. We believe that with our holistic approach, we can make an impact on the building industry, showing that using natural building materials and sustainable systems are a good way forward to build houses and renovate homes in the future.

Adam Illes - founder

Over the last 8 years, I’ve been managing building and refurbishment projects of all kindDuring this time, I am always keen to sharpen my knowledge on how to build buildings better. After becoming an Energy Assessor and GD Adviser, I had a deeper look into low energy retrofits and clearly understood, that energy efficiency is only one part of the equation. In a retrofit, it has to be addressed together with healthy and sustainable solutions. Since then, I’ve been through a lot of training, including retrofitting traditional buildings / using bio-aggregates in renovation / natural materials in buildings / building materials and their health implications. My studies and my experience in the building industry supply me a solid basis to make the goal achievable: find the right balance for each project in design, energy efficiency, health and sustainability. My CarbonLite Retrofit certificate will soon give us the opportunity to certify robust, low energy and healthy building retrofit projects. I truly believe that with our thoughtful design, fluent management and attentive workmanship, we can deliver homes that make a difference.
As I am very proud to work with my core team, let me introduce them to you:

Steve Finta
- foreman, joinery-carpentry, structural works

Steve has a vast - over 20 years of experience in building, especially with timber structures. Whether the project consists of an internal reconfiguration with new or reclaimed floors-walls-ceilings, or a full timber structure building, I can count on his insights and holistic approach to the work. He can easily lead a team of builders, where his attention to details is invaluable.

Mark Zalavari - natural builder

Mark is a real natural builder. Inventive and innovative. He gathered his comprehensive knowledge on eco-constructions from all around the world, has worked not only inEurope butin Asia and Africa - at this latter - managed a construction project of 20 adobe bungalows in Tanzania. I do appreciate his intrinsic motivation to create buildings that are closer to nature - along with his practical innovations how this actually can be achieved.

Steve Horvath 
- structural works, heating and ventilation systems

Steve has long years of experience in low energy retrofits, timber frame structures and installation of heating systems for Passive Houses. His system thinking and practical skill shave a great importance, particularly when a project is to be certified to PH or to any other high standard.
I would like to mention a few companies who we are in co-operation with. They share our very same vision of a sustainable future, we work together and use each other's knowledge and services as much as we can so that the quantum leap for a more sustainable building industry can happen.
Simon James Lewis

Simon helps us with their consultations on dampness and hemp-lime insulations. I don’t know anyone with deeper knowledge on how traditional houses work and it is always a real intellectual journey to get together with him and talk through the details of any kind of renovation project.
Simon James Lewis
Hawkland Ecological Construction logo
Hawkland Ecological Construction

Hawkland Ecological Construction is a team of young builders with an extreme understanding of how different natural materials work in retrofit - they know not only all scientific background for natural building but the practical challenges in installations as well.
Naked House

Naked House supplies a matured technology for timber framed structures - whether it is for a deeper retrofit, an extension or a new built - up to Passive House standard. The founder, Philip Proffit has a deep knowledge of designing the structures as well as designing related renewable heating systems - and he is always delighted to bring in unique, cutting edge technology.
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We are a member of the following associations:
The Green Register
The Green Register
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Alliance for Sustainable Building Products
Association for Environment Conscious Building
The Green Register
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Contact ECO-Renovation UK to chat about your project. We serve throughout West Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

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