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Dampness is not a disease

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Our holistic approach to dampness

The occurrence of dampness in buildings is a fast growing problem these days. It is usually a complex issue, connected not only to the building fabric and thermal inefficiencies but - more often - to the occupants’ behaviour. Therefore it needs to be investigated with a holistic approach.

Damp is often simply misidentified as rising damp, leading to a failure in its treatment, causing further degradation to the building structure.

If you suspect that your property is affected by damp, arrange an appointment with us for an evaluation. We will visit your property, investigate and discover the issues. We will then discuss the possible solutions with you.
“Adam's in-depth knowledge about increasing a home's energy efficiency and solving particular problems such as damp or mould is impressive. Using his high-tech tools and experience, he's able to provide insightful ideas on how to improve your home.”

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